Cajeta and Yogurt with Fresh Berries

From the Market, Recipes and Fixations | posted on 3/29/10

One of the reasons that I love goat milk and its products so much is the extra tang that it carries over cow’s milk.  Goat milk yogurt can come in a variety of textures; sometimes it is thick and creamy, while others it is fluid and milky.  But both kinds always have that slight tang.  I often buy both thick and liquidy styles of yogurt and mix the two together, because the contrast in texture and taste of two different kinds is really incredible.  My most recent discovery, which really highlights that contrast, is that of mixing Mexican goat milk caramel, known as cajeta, with plain goat milk yogurt, and topping it with berries.  Sometimes I have this at night, as a light dinner/snack, but I have also had it in the morning with a little cereal mixed in.  I made the caramel myself, which is just goat milk that is cooked with sugar for a long time, until it becomes thick and caramelized.  It is densely sweet, which is what makes it the perfect pair for the tangy yogurt.  In the Mexican style, I top it with fresh berries (often paired with custards in Michoacan) which you can see here. There are no quantities to be specified for this preparation.  All you need is tangy yogurt, sweet cajeta (either store-bought or homemade) and fresh fruit to top it off.  Walnuts would probably do some good here as well.

Ruminant Bolognese

From the Market, Recipes and Fixations | posted on 3/29/10

Classic Bolognese sauce is often misconstrued as a tomato sauce with meat in it.  It is also often paired with spaghetti, which is combination that is unheard of in Emilia Romagna, its region of origin.  The true Bolognese is a rich, meat-based sauce made with beef, veal, and pork, and only contains a small amount of tomato paste.  The sauce is actually cooked in milk for a long period of time, sometimes 6 hours, which is what gives it the soft texture.  Since I love goat and lamb meat, I decided to make a Ruminant Bolognese for the Spring season of Kitchen Caravan ( 
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Spring Awakening

News | posted on 3/21/10

Spring is my favorite time of year.  The weather gets warmer as the days get longer, and everyone spills out of their homes to enjoy being outdoors.  It seems that everything and every one comes to life again.  I like to think of the first day of Spring as the beginning of a new year, like they do in Central Asia.  Just like the earth is coming to life again, we too are starting anew.  We are coming out of our Winter slumber and new opportunities await us.  I can feel myself brimming with new ideas, and new energy to turn those ideas into action.  April is the perfect time to take advantage of all of the energy that the earth provides and get going.  So that is exactly what I will do this Spring with Victory Garden.

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