Our Story

Victory Garden NYC is your home for fresh goat milk soft serve made with local ingredients and lots of love. Our product is inspired by the tradition of Anatolian dondurma, a rich goat milk ice cream made with the root of the wild orchid. Following Middle Eastern tradition, the dessert often incorporates floral essences that are meant to please the palate and elevate one’s state of mind. Our flavors and toppings change with the seasons, and are sourced from carefully selected farms and purveyors. The end result is a frozen treat that reflects the taste of our beautiful landscape.

Goats eat a lot of greenery, which translates into a vitamin-rich milk. Their milk is also rich in protein, calcium, and potassium, making it a nutritious choice for dessert lovers. In addition to its health benefits, people with lactose intolerance have an easier time digesting goat milk than cow’s milk, so it is more enjoyable for a larger percentage of the population.

The fresh goat milk used in Victory Garden NYC’s products is locally sourced from Beltane Farm in Lebanon, Connecticut. Paul Trubey’s La Mancha and Oberhasli goats are raised on local hay and grass, without any prophylactic antibiotics. When you try Victory Garden soft serve, you are not only enjoying a delicious dessert, but you are also experiencing a healthy taste of our local environment. Both the goats and the milk they produce transition with the changing of the seasons , which contribute even more subtleties to our product.

Sophia Brittan

Sophia Brittan is the founder and owner of Victory Garden NYC. The idea was conceived one night while she was eating a bowl of goat milk yogurt from Beltane Farm. As she adorned the yogurt with pomegranate seeds, black walnuts, and honey, she couldn't help but think why a healthy goat milk dessert could not exist for local food lovers like herself. Frozen yogurt seemed to be all the rage, yet there was not a local, wholesome alternative. She entertained the idea a bit, but tried to lay it to rest in the back of her mind. However, Victory Garden wanted to be born, and sooner rather than later, she found herself testing recipes and finding sources for her goat milk soft serve.

Sophia graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 with a major in Comparative Studies of Latin America and the Middle East from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. After graduation, she moved to Lebanon for 6 months, where she continued her language studies and fell even more in love with Eastern Mediterranean culture. From February to August 2006 she studied Classic French Cooking at the French Culinary Institute in New York, after which she studied holistic health at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Since October of 2006 she has worked as the host of Kitchen Caravan, a healthy online cooking show, which teaches people to cook in tune with the seasons. While Kitchen Caravan goes on its 10th season, she hopes to continue to educate her peers about local food culture and healthy seasonal eating.