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News | posted on 4/30/10

This morning I woke up early and headed up to Vermont with my father for a visit to Fat Toad Farm, makers of the delicious cajeta that we sell here at Victory Garden.  I love cajeta, which is a Mexican goat milk caramel (think dulce de leche but with goat milk), and have been making it at home for almost a year now with local goat milk. It comes out well, especially when I add a dose of sherry, but it is not quite the same cajeta that I eat in Mexico. However, now we can all have our cake and eat it to, because Fat Toad Farm uses milk from their own Saanen and Alpine goats to make the delicious caramel.  They boil fresh goat milk with organic cane sugar in large copper cauldrons until it gets nice and thick.  Some of the batches are in the original flavor, but others come infused with Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, and Coffee.  All are worth trying, but I would say my favorite is the Cinnamon.  They use 3 different kinds of this magical spice to achieve a well-balanced flavor.

I asked Calley, who along with her sister, Josey, and parents, Judith Irving Steve Reid, runs the operation, how they had come to make cajeta.  She said it was her sister’s extended stay in Mexico, where she fell in love with the traditional product, that inspired them to make it themselves.  They also make great chevre, and even flavor some with maple syrup to sell in their farm store.  I am thrilled that Fat Toad Farm cajeta is part of our offering here at Victory Garden, and I hope you enjoy this Mexican goat milk caramel (on your ice cream of course!) as much as I do.

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