Summer Sundaes are Here!

VG Special Sundaes | posted on July 2, 2015

Our Summer Specials menu is up, and we are very excited about our sundaes this season.  We have four total: Midsummer’s Night Dream, Ciao Baby, Aegean Summer Delight, and the Victory Garden Dirt Cup.

Midsummer’s Night  Dream is a combination of black currant bay leaf sauce, lavender/rosemary shortbread cookie, and stone fruits.  If you love the flavors of Provence, you will love this sundae.


Ciao Baby is the Italian Stallion of the bunch.  It contains our homemade “nutella” spread, candied hazelnuts, strawberry, and banana.  Our hazelnuts come freshly roasted from Freddy Guys Farm in Oregon.  The homemade hazelnut chocolate spread forms a hard shell around the ice cream!


Aegean Summer Delight combines homemade Turkish delight with sour cherry sauce and flossy halva.  We sprinkle the top with a dusting of pistachios. This brings the  Greek goddess/god inside all of us!


The Victory Garden Dirt Cup is our homemade chocolate crunch topped with carrot caramel, minty honey sauce, raspberry rose sauce, and of course, an edible flower.


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