Sophia Brittan is the founder and owner of Victory Garden NYC. The idea was conceived one night, long ago, while she was eating a bowl of goat milk yogurt from Beltane Farm. As she adorned the yogurt with pomegranate seeds, black walnuts, and local honey, she couldn’t help but think why a healthy goat milk dessert could not exist for local food lovers like herself. Frozen yogurt seemed to be all the rage, yet there was not a local, wholesome alternative. She entertained the idea a bit, but tried to lay it to rest in the back of her mind. However, Victory Garden wanted to be born, and sooner rather than later, she found herself testing recipes and finding a home for her goat milk soft serve.

After having graduated from Georgetown University in 2005, Sophia pursued a culinary education from both the French Culinary Institute, as well as the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her love of cooking, passion for healthy eating, and desire to travel have all shaped Victory Garden into a place where you will always find a blend of of local and foreign culture.