Summer of Gazpacho

Recipes and Fixations, Soup | posted on July 12, 2014

Gazpacho   I am really into gazpacho this summer.  In the past I have had an inconsistent relationship with the cold Spanish soup.  Sometimes I liked it, other times I really did not.  I love how simple and healthy the original version is, but sometimes it is a little too vegetable juice/celery tasting for me.  I also never got so into the green gazpachos with added nuts and grapes.  However, on a recent trip to DC I was very inspired by a hibiscus, ginger, and lemongrass version that I tried at the Georgetown Harbor.  It was different and surprising, but still tasted very much like a gazpacho.  I had never thought to change up a gazpacho so much, which is why I haven’t really tried to make it here at the shop.  But that version inspired me to think outside the box.  We will be doing a few different variations of our own this season, sort of like a Gazpacho Festival!  Starting off, we have a pretty standard gazpacho, but with a touch of hibiscus and lots of herbs (sage, rosemary, mint, oregano, anise hyssop, lovage).  We will also be making a ginger peach version, watermelon, and perhaps something with some Mexican chiles.  Stop in and cool off with this supremely healthy soup  that is surprisingly filling and extra light. Gazpacho2

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