Why Goat Milk?

You might think that goat milk gelato is the most random and weird thing you have ever heard, but in reality, it is quite normal. Ice cream originated in the Middle East, where it was traditionally made with goat milk and lightly scented with mastic (a Greek tree resin that we love).  Goat milk plays a key role in many traditional diets around the world and provides many health benefits to those who consume it.  We love it as a base for our gelato, because it is light and refreshing, allowing you to taste the flavor, not the fat.  

Digestibility: Goat milk is the most similar milk to human milk, allowing us to digest and process its nutrients much more easily.  No one feels heavy or bloated after having goat milk. 

Lactose Friendly: Goat milk has lactose, but the molecule is smaller, allowing people who are lactose intolerant to be able to digest goat milk much more easily.  Even if you are not lactose intolerant, you will feel less bloated and uncomfortable after having goat milk gelato. 

Nutrients: Goat milk is rich in protein, calcium, and amino acids.  Many cultures around the world celebrate the health benefits of drinking goat milk.  It is even one of the factors attributed to the longevity of the people of Ikaria, Greece.  

Healthy Fatty Acids: Goat milk has healthy antimicrobial fatty acids that provide a great source of energy for the body.  

Fat: Goat milk's molecule is smaller than cow's milk, so when you consume it the fat is processed much more easily and used up as energy, rather than stored in the body.

Supporting Small Farms: The majority of goat farms are run by individual families that take care of their animals like they are their children.  We are supporting sustainable, family farms by consuming goat milk.  

Flavor: This is by far, the number one reason Victory Garden specializes in goat milk frozen desserts.  Goat milk has less fat than cow's milk, so you can enjoy the flavors of our gelati, rather than just tasting the cream on your tongue.  It is hard to describe goat milk without using the word "earthy", but it is just that- the changing seasons and what the goats are feeding on at each time of year are reflected in the product in the most subtle of ways.  Other adjectives we like to use: ambrosial, sweet, fresh, delightful, delicious . . . why don't you tell us what you think!