The Victory Garden Story

I opened a small goat milk soft serve shop called Victory Garden NYC at 31 Carmine Street in June of 2011.  I was backed by a huge amount of passion and a small amount of naiveté.  I wanted to make soft serve with goat milk, like the ice creams that I had tried in the Middle East.  The flavors there were so pure and natural, and were often accentuated with floral essences.  When I first opened, New York was full of soft serve yogurt chains, but there were not many artisanal products on the scene (yet).  I dreamt of producing a soft serve that was delicious, light, and sophisticated. I wanted to make something that people could feel good about eating, not only because it was healthy, but also because it was supporting small local family farms.   Goat milk was the clear answer for my product, and I have never regretted choosing this amazing milk for my products.  Over time, we began packaging our product for retail sale, and selling it in local supermarkets.  Our goat milk gelato, as it is called, is based on our original flavors from our West Village shop.  In 2016, we decided to close our shop and focus on our wholesale endeavors, bringing goat milk gelato to the masses.  We are thrilled to now be in over 60 retail locations around the NY Metro area.  We also ship our product nationwide.  

We hope you enjoy the lightness of our gelati and the purity of the flavors we highlight. We keep a lot of ingredients out of our products, so that you can enjoy something pure and beautiful.  Thank you for your order!  

With Love, 
Sophia Brittan