Vegan Chocolate Cake

News | posted on November 4, 2014

Although I am not vegan, I have always loved vegan desserts.  Perhaps they are less rich than non-vegan desserts, perhaps it is my love of healthy sweets (I love density), or perhaps they taste the same and I just have a sweet tooth with no excuses.  I used to be hooked on a chocolate vegan cake at the Greenmarket, and every now and again would treat myself to a private chocolate indulgence session in Union Square.  Shamelessly.  But then it was taken off the menu, and I was left with a huge void of vegan chocolate cake in my life.  That was until my friend Ayse offered to teach me her recipe for vegan chocolate cake.  It is not only the most delicious vegan chocolate cake I have ever had, it is the most delicious chocolate cake that I have ever had period.  I am not a mousse or buttercream fan, so for me, the tofu pudding-esque frosting is perfection.  We did a recipe exchange, and now at Victory Garden you can find a delicious chocolate cake for when the cold weather might prevent you from wanting a large Salted Caramel, or creates a craving for a severe indulgence in cake and ice cream.


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