How We Stay Sane in the Colder Months

News | posted on October 22, 2015

The first year I opened, I tried so hard to get through winter by adding products, testing out different recipes, and pushing our lunch menu.  Seeing the ice cream traffic die down when the Fall hit was very hard for me.  It was my first Summer, and right as things were building, the weather turned cold, and ice cream season was over.  I reacted by serving breakfast, trying to get morning coffee traffic, then starting a lunch menu, and eventually driving myself crazy with all of the things that I was trying to juggle.  After a few months of it, we let go of the breakfast menu and focused on lunch only.  Our lunch became quite popular and did well all fall and winter.  Then, ironically, the Summers would come, and the lunch menu would not do as well as the other months.  That is because the bread and buttePumpkinSpicer, the soul and the heart of the business, is the ice cream.  The goat milk ice cream.  Over the years, I have managed to let go of the slowness that we feel during the fall, and let go of the feeling that I needed to compensate by doing many other things.  We have our regular customers that come in and enjoy our product year round, and I am wonderfully content with that.  We are now 100% focusing on ice cream and keeping that soul alive even in the depths of polar vortex.


I have learned to get excited about creating special flavors for the winter.  Even if not as many people know about them, we get to experiment a little bit and try things out on a smaller scale.  We are very excited about our flavors for fall this year.  We will be rotating our deliciously spicy Pumpkin Spice through the machines between now and Thanksgiving.  We will also be churning up some Black Walnut, Cardamom and Saffron (sustainably sourced from Afghanistan!), Cinnamon, Plain (!), and our Victory Garden Spice Blend (first time since 2011!).  I am so excited for our customers to come in and try all of these wonderful, cold weather flavors.  I hope that when you come in and eat one of our ice creams, you too slow down, enjoy the moment that you are in, and are at peace with the seasons.

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