These Chili Flakes

From Our Barn, Ingredients | posted on March 18, 2015

I discovered these chili flakes through my friend Artemis Kohas, who owns  She was carrying the full line of Daphnis & Chloe spices and herbs at her shop, and I immediately fell in love.  The Greek company curates herbs and spices from different farms in Greece, selecting only the finest varieties that are traditionally hand harvested.  The varieties of these spices are often unique to where they are grown, giving them incredible flavor and subtlety.  Ever since discovering these chili flakes, no other chili flake matters.  They are smoky and slightly spicy, and change everything that you put them on.  I mix them into scrambled eggs with feta and tomatoes, as well as use them to garnish a simple hard boiled egg.  They do wonders to roasted potatoes as well.  Here at the shop, they are what distinguish our King Avocado sandwich from the others you might find in the city.  They also accentuate our Kale Pesto Couscous salad.  Hands down, they are the most amazing chili flake you will ever put in your pantry.  But the best part is. . . we now sell them!  Come in and pick some up next time you are here.

Bukovo Chili Flakes

Bukovo Chili Flakes

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