Saffron Ice Cream

Hard packed Pints, Ingredients | posted on June 4, 2015

My favorite spice shop in the city is SOS chef in the East Village.  The owner, Atef, always has something special there that makes me feel so happy to work in food.  Usually it is some amazing honey from some exotic part of the world that she gives me on a beautiful wooden spoon.  She carries all sorts of spices, spice blends, teas, grains, floral and herbal essences, etc.  I always try something new or see something that I haven’t seen before when I go there.  The last time I stopped in, she had Persian saffron that was so fragrant, that I could not resist buying some.  I bought a few grams and made some Persian Saffron ice cream with it the other day.  I was thinking of what I would mix into it, and almost stirred in some pistachios, but when I tried the ice cream in its purity, I felt like it would be a sin to marr it by adding something superfluous.  It is just what it says it is, Persian Saffron ice cream.  Made with the most valuable spice in the world.

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