Turkish Pestemals

Goods and Goodies | posted on July 26, 2010

I am so proud to sell Turkish Pestemals (pronounced Pesh-teh-mal). I first fell in love with this traditional flat-woven towel in the hammam (of course) a few years ago. Both I and the woman exfoliating me in the white marble room were wearing them wrapped around our waists. There was something very appealing to me about the primal loin-cloth idea in the bath. I liked that it was thin, and not as bulky as the terry cloth towels we are so used to in the United States.


When I arrived at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, I searched them out to bring home. I picked up a beautiful magenta and beige cotton one to use for the beach, which matched my favorite bikini perfectly. I have used the same towel for years, and am obsessed with how useful it is. Like I mentioned above, the flat weave is much less bulky than the terry-cloth weaves that we are used to. Because they are so thin, you can wrap them around you like a pareo, or even use them like a scarf. They are very absorbent and dry quickly. But most importantly, they are incredibly chic.


Although my name hints at local products, I also love other cultures, and my goal is to integrate special items like these traditional textiles into my line. I hope you enjoy the pestemals I have available in cotton, fiber linen, linen, and bamboo/linen blend.



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