Honey Rosemary Ice Cream Pints

Flavors | posted on June 22, 2015

A few weeks ago I took a baking class at Haven’s Kitchen, because I had never been there before and was dying of curiosity.  I also hadn’t been feeling very inspired as of late, and needed to change things up in my routine.  I signed up for a baking class with Shuna Lydon, who is now baking at Bakeri.  I really enjoyed everything that she taught us, but most especially her honey and hojicha ice cream.  For the ice cream, she reduces honey to both lessen its sweetness, as well as bring out its natural bitterness.  It was one of the most delicious ice creams I have ever had.  It was intense, strong, and really bitter.  I wanted to try my hand at an intense honey ice cream as well.  I made mine with Tremblay Apiaries Wildflower honey, which I reduced and infused with Keith’s Farm rosemary.  I mixed in bitter chocolate chips to the final product, because I love the combination of honey and chocolate, I love the combination of rosemary and chocolate, and I love the combination of honey and rosemary.  The three ingredients go swimmingly well together in this lovely ice cream, that we are proud to serve in our pints, both in the store and online.



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