Fennel Pints

Flavors, Hard packed Pints, Ingredients | posted on April 16, 2015

Fennel is in my top 10 favorite flavors of our ice cream.  I love desserts with anise, and the fennel flavor that we do encapsulates the wonderful versatility of this refreshing vegetable.  We cook down about a dozen bulbs in some olive oil and goat butter, then combine them with fennel seeds that we toast and grind, as well as some fennel pollen.  The result is fennel heaven.  Since we are now able to offer hard packed versions of our flavors in our freezer, we will be offering some of these more popular flavors for the fans who miss it after it is gone from the soft serve machines.  We have about 2 dozen pints of this VG classic.

Fennel Ice Cream

Fennel Ice Cream

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