Corn Ice Cream

Flavors, Ingredients, Soft Serve | posted on September 9, 2014

This year is the first year that we have made a corn ice cream.  There is nothing that I love more at the end of August than an ear of fresh corn on the cob.  I love diving into the cob, the crunch of the kernels on my teeth, the sweetness and the juiciness as I chew.  I eat corn the way I eat mangoes, with passion and to the bare bone.  I will gnaw on a corn cob until it can’t give me any more juice or meat.  The sweetness of corn makes it a great match for ice cream.  The first lick of this flavor might not convince you.  The second one will leave you more intrigued.  The third will have you hooked.  Come in and try this delicious Summer flavor.


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