Mastic Mondays

Events and Occasions, Ingredients | posted on May 9, 2015

When I was younger and running my cooking website, I used to work part time at the Mastiha Shop on Orchard Street for some extra cash.  My dear friend, Artemis Kohas, ran the store for 7 years.  I loved that job.  I loved listening to Greek pop music that I didn’t know the words to, but which I eventually memorized.  I loved chewing on mastic, and the slight camphoric scent that filled the room.  She used to sell Greek coffee granules that were scented with the healing resin, which led me to start making my own mastic coffee at home.  Way before any seedling thought of Victory Garden had been planted, I would  infuse goat milk in a sauce pan with a few drops of the oil and a spoonful of sugar.  I would then pour it over freshly brewed espresso made in my Moka for me and anyone who was staying with me.  It wasn’t before long that my mother would wake up and request mastic coffees in the morning.  “Make me a mastic coffee” she would say excitedly as she ambled into the kitchen.  I was so happy to share the mastic love. My mother passed away a month after I opened the shop, but her presence is here with every mastic coffee that I prepare.

Mastic Coffee #MasticMondays

Mastic Coffee #MasticMondays

Every Monday is now Mastic Monday, mainly because it rhymes with Manic Monday, and well, it is always just another Manic Mastic Monday.  Mastic Coffees are $3.00 and other mastic-y things will present themselves too.

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