Maple Marvel Sundae

VG Special Sundaes | posted on October 8, 2015

For this year’s fall specials menu, I decided to keep things very simple.  Most of the people I know hold Autumn very dear to their hearts.  It is a time for sitting by the fire, apple picking, carving pumpkins, enjoying the leaves- going back to things that are familiar and doing them with friends.  Because of this comfort-season feeling I was getting when developing the menu, I decided to go as “Autumny” as humanly possible- sticking to basic Fall staples and then building a simple, yet delicious sundae around them.

Maple syrup is actually a Spring harvest.  I did not know that until very recently.  Maybe because we associate the changing of the leaves with Fall, and maple comes from those trees, that it really resonates with this season more than spring.  Anyway, it felt imperative that we do a Maple-focused sundae for the Fall menu.  There are a lot of maple products available at the market, and I didn’t quite know what to choose: maple cotton candy, maple nuggets, maple cream, maple popcorn, maple marshmallows. . . the list goes on.  I decided to focus on the cotton candy, which adds a really cool texture as a topping to the sundae, and which, most people don’t come across every day.  We nestle soft serve on top of some of this cotton candy, which is lining a brown sugar cone bowl, and then add a reduced maple/cinnamon sauce and some toasted pecans to the top.  There is nothing complicated about this sundae, but it hits the spot every time.  It is the type of sundae you will want after you go apple picking with your friends, and before you enjoy a bourbon and cider . . .

Maple Marvel Sundae with Maple Cotton Candy

Maple Marvel Sundae with Maple Cotton Candy

Summer Sundaes are Here!

VG Special Sundaes | posted on July 2, 2015

Our Summer Specials menu is up, and we are very excited about our sundaes this season.  We have four total: Midsummer’s Night Dream, Ciao Baby, Aegean Summer Delight, and the Victory Garden Dirt Cup.

Midsummer’s Night  Dream is a combination of black currant bay leaf sauce, lavender/rosemary shortbread cookie, and stone fruits.  If you love the flavors of Provence, you will love this sundae.


Ciao Baby is the Italian Stallion of the bunch.  It contains our homemade “nutella” spread, candied hazelnuts, strawberry, and banana.  Our hazelnuts come freshly roasted from Freddy Guys Farm in Oregon.  The homemade hazelnut chocolate spread forms a hard shell around the ice cream!


Aegean Summer Delight combines homemade Turkish delight with sour cherry sauce and flossy halva.  We sprinkle the top with a dusting of pistachios. This brings the  Greek goddess/god inside all of us!


The Victory Garden Dirt Cup is our homemade chocolate crunch topped with carrot caramel, minty honey sauce, raspberry rose sauce, and of course, an edible flower.


Sesame Mucho, Miso Lovely

VG Special Sundaes | posted on May 27, 2015

I can’t believe that it is already the end of May.  As we try to give our Summer Specials Menu some thought, we are clutching our hearts at the thought of no longer having the Sesame Mucho, Miso Lovely sundae around.  This one is my personal favorite of the Spring bunch, which is surprising, because I tend to lean towards more fruity/refreshing flavor profiles.  However, I love sesame more than anything (hello, halva!), and consume it multiple times a day.  I thought of this sundae, because one of my favorite flavor combos is Miso/Tahini, which balances the slight bitterness of tahini with the sweet/saltiness of miso.  The sundae is a miso caramel (which we make with goat milk half and half), layered with your flavor of choice, and topped with a tahini cream (also goat milk), and sesame miso brownies.  If you haven’t tried this sundae before, stop in before the end of June, because we will be changing it in a few weeks.  And make sure to dip your spoon all the way to the bottom, so that you get everything together on your spoon!


Cheesecake Sundaes

Flavors, Soft Serve, VG Special Sundaes | posted on April 24, 2015

Our spring Cheesecake Sundae is flying out the door.  We top our goat butter graham crust with your choice of soft serve, perfectly tangy poached rhubarb, and stewed strawberry sauce.  The result is a combination of flavors and textures that hit a home run.  To make this sundae even more amazing, this week we will be serving our cheesecake soft serve.  This creamy and rich flavor is made with goat cheese, quark, and yogurt, making it the perfect base for some fruit toppings.


Spring Sundaes!

Flavors, Smoothies, Soft Serve, VG Special Sundaes | posted on April 9, 2015

Since the Winter we have started offering a rotating specials menu with four sundaes available all season long.  This allows you to come in and enjoy them at leisure, and for us to be able to offer them on a more consistent basis.  Our Spring Specials menu is up and we are sooo into our selection for the season.  We brought back the Superfruit sundae, as well as our Cheesecake Sundae, which were both quick flashes in the pan.  My personal favorite is the Sesame Mucho, Miso Lovely.  It reflects one of my favorite flavor combos: salty, tangy miso and bitter, smooth tahini.  Also new is the Giardino Vittoria, inspired by the delicate flavors of an Italian spring.  For our Ritual we have a Spring Health Smoothie loaded with energizing ingredients, and we have a Fennel Cake for our VG Baked fans.  See our pics and descriptions below.


Cheesecake Sundae: Poached Rhubarb with Vanilla, Strawberry Sauce, and Goat Butter Graham Crust.



Sesame Mucho, Miso Lovely (staff pick)!: Sesame Miso Brownie, Miso Caramel, and Halva Cream



Giardino Vittoria: Candied Pintenuts, Bitter Orange Drizzle, and Fennel Pollen in a Fennel Seed Cone



Superfruit Sundae: Almond Butter Cardamom Sauce, Blackberry Acai Sauce, Goji berries, Mulberries, Hemp, and Flax


Spring Health Smoothie: Spinach, Lime, Cashew milk, Cilantro, Mint, Bee Pollen, Dates, Banana, and Coconut Oil

Fennel Cakes: Pistachio and Almond Flour, Aniseed Syrup

Valentine’s Day Sundae!

Hard packed Pints, VG Special Sundaes | posted on February 9, 2015

This Valentine’s Day we are offering a sundae made of Rose Petal Ice Cream, Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate Tonka Sauce, and a heart-shaped Gluten Free Brownie.  We want you to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day, and indulge in something beautiful.  Come by the shop for some conversation hearts, old-school valentines, and love.  Oh, and take home a pint of Rose Petal Ice Cream!

Love yourself this Saturday.

Love yourself this Saturday.

Super Cones!

Soft Serve, VG Special Sundaes | posted on May 12, 2014

We are offering these fabulous “Super Cones” while supplies last.  They are our homemade gluten-free cones dipped in dark chocolate and pistachios, lined with strawberries, and topped with your choice of soft serve and sauce.  They are the perfect sundae in a cone!!

Fruits of Passion: February’s Sundae!

VG Special Sundaes | posted on February 8, 2014

We have done a lot of caramel and chocolate heavy sundaes these past couple of months, so we decided to lighten things up for February.  The inspiration for this month’s sundae comes from a passionfruit semifreddo with grapefruit that I ate at Salumeria Rosi in the Upper East Side a few weeks ago.  I was surprised by how much I loved the combination of tart passionfruit and bitter grapefruit.  Both tart and bitter are usually matched with sweet, but together they are surprisingly delightful.  I borrowed the combination and added some candied pistachio nuts and coconut flakes.  If you are like me, and crave bright citrus acidity, you will love this sundae.  Since February is most famous for Valentine’s Day, we decided to call it Fruits of Passion.  Because, more often than not, passion is more important than love.

Fruits of Passion Sundae

You can order this sundae in any flavor that you would like, but it always comes in the large cup, and the toppings are exclusive to the sundae.

Turtle Sundae- Sundae of the Month!

News, VG Special Sundaes | posted on January 3, 2014

We have been enjoying creating seasonal sundaes this year for you guys, and it is my job to make sure that each month brings something special for you to look forward to.  Admittedly, this might not be the most creative of sundaes, but for the month of January, when all we need is something to make us feel happy, the Turtle does wonders.  This sundae is a combination of our Chocolate Soft Serve, Homemade Goat Milk Caramel, Toasted Pecans, and a Homemade Turtle.  If you want to make it another flavor base, that is fine by us for this special.  Enjoy xo, Sophia.

Turtle Sundaes for January

Poire Belle Helene (with a French accent)

Soft Serve, VG Special Sundaes | posted on November 16, 2013

Before opening the shop, I never considered ice cream to be a seasonal choice of mine.  It actually was always a social choice, or a special treat to be enjoyed in abundance.  In college, my friends and I would go to get huge sundaes on our girls nights out.  Shopping in the supermarkets in the Winter, I would find a new pint to be enjoyed by my family while watching tv by a fire.  And whenever I go to Paris, and it is open, I go to Berthillon for one of their chestnut sundaes, or the poire belle helene in the late autumn.  Even in the fall and winter, ice cream still serves as a gathering point, and there are certain sundaes that help it serve that purpose.

Poire Belle Helene

The Poire Belle Helene is a sundae composed of poached pears, chocolate sauce, and toasted slivered almonds.  I read that traditionally it also includes candied violets, however, I have never eaten it that way.  It usually also includes whipped cream, though no one that comes into the shop has ever requested whipped cream, so I keep it simple.  We serve ours with poached Boscs from the Greenmarket, vegan fudge from Coops, and a new Vanilla Bean Yogurt flavor to keep it traditional.  Toasted nuts complete any sundae.  This will be our second half of November, early December sundae.  If you want us to keep the apple caramel sundaes, just let us know. We love those too.  And we can’t wait to show you our special sundae for December and January!!! It will make you smile when the sun is setting at 4pm.

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