Orange Blossom Time

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Every year when the weather starts to change, and Spring starts to creep in, I am always haunted by a deep sense of nostalgia.  I can never pinpoint exactly what the nostalgia is for, but it is there, burdening me all Spring long.  My favorite way to cure my feelings is through orange blossom and neroli.  There is something about the floral that reawakens and recenters.  I shower with neroli body wash, I make cocktails with orange blossom and kumquat, and at Victory Garden, we make orange blossom vanilla ice cream.  We have always made this flavor, as orange blossom is as connected to my brand as goat milk.  The combination of orange and cream is not new, it exists in our culture as it does in many others.  Our orange blossom smoothie, after all, is modeled after the Dominican shake, morir soñando, or to die dreaming.
Last week we received fresh orange blossoms from California and made a real version of our Orange Blossom Vanilla.  The blossoms are subtle, yet intoxicating.  We recommend this with a touch of orange marmalade boiled down with some water. These pints are only available for what we have in stock.  We hope that you pick up a pint and you too, die dreaming, of how delicious this Mediterranean creamsicle is.  Enjoy!
Orange Blossoms from California

Orange Blossoms from California

Upping the Ante on Mexican Hot Chocolate

Seasonal Beverages | posted on January 6, 2015

Every Winter we start frothing away at some delicious Mexican hot chocolate from the city of Oaxaca.  Chocolate has a long history there, where it is traditionally stone ground, leaving it with a nice texture and rich flavor.  This year we have upped the ante on our hot chocolate, and are making it with rosemary (local rosemary from Keith’s farm), sea salt & caramel, mastic, and peppermint.  We are also making a white hot chocolate with Askinosie White Chocolate (made with goat milk!).  We love the white hot chocolate with a touch of mastic or peppermint!


Melon Mastic Smoothie

Ingredients, Seasonal Beverages, Smoothies | posted on July 30, 2014

Out with the lychees, and in with the melons!  I love melon season, and this year I have already seen some beautiful varieties being offered at the market.  We did this same smoothie last year, and it was a huge hit.  The combination of melons, mastic, rice milk, and agave is so light and refreshing.  This is a pleasure smoothie, meant to not make a dent in your indulgences for the day (don’t even count it!), but set you in the right mood for good things to come your way!! MelonMasticSmoothie

Orange Blossom Smoothies – Morir Soñando!

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If you have ever been to the Dominican Republic, or even some areas of NYC, you might have heard of a drink called Morir Soñando, a delightful combination of orange juice, sugar, evaporated milk, and ice.  It is similar to the flavors of a creamsicle.  I love orange blossom everything, especially in the Spring, when the world starts to feel lighter and happy again.   Orange Blossom and Orange is just a double dose of sunshine, something to make you feel iridescent.  Stop in sometime for this pick me up.

Orange Blossom Smoothie - Morir Soñando

Mexican Hot Chocolate!

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Mexican Hot Chocolate at Victory Garden

Every Winter people ask me if we sell hot chocolate, and I am finally able to say “YES”.  It took me two years to bring hot chocolate on for the cold season, and even still do I feel like this is a gamble.  That is because we are selling Mexican hot chocolate made with water.  I know a lot of people will read this and think that it won’t be rich, but you must try it this way!  I never drink milk, so I haven’t had hot chocolate outside of Mexico in years.  The thought of hot milk with a tiny bit of  milk chocolate in it just never appealed to me.  That is because I love my chocolate strong and bitter.  In Mexico you can order hot chocolate prepared with milk or with water, and the more traditional way of drinking it is the latter.  Hot chocolate with water is healthier and lighter, but pretty new to American palates, which seem to prefer the creamier option.  Considering that most of our customers prefer non-dairy options, I decided that his would be the best way to go.  Goat milk proves too rich when heated.

The chocolate we are selling is a Oaxacan brand called Mayordomo.  We are using their bittersweet kind, which includes cinnamon in the recipe.  We froth up the chocolate individually for you with a traditional molinillo, and top it off with a splash of almond milk to cut the bitterness just a tad.  Chocolate originated in Mexico, and was then brought to Europe by the Spaniards.  Mexicans continue to drink a lot of hot chocolate, and the best is from the south central state of Oaxaca, where it is still freshly ground from bean to paste by the chocolate shops.  You can go in and order your chocolate with the amount of sugar and cinnamon you like, and they grind it right there for you on the spot.  You can also buy their established recipes, which is what we have now for sale.  You can also buy the chocolate from the barn if you would like to take some home afterward, along with a molinillo!

Grinding Chocolate at Mayordomo

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