Valentine's Day Special with Ode à la Rose!

We will be offering a local special here in NYC on Valentine's Day with Ode à la Rose, delivered by Caviar.  If you order 2 pints of goat milk gelato (one of them being Rose Petal) from our Caviar page, you will receive a small jar with 3 roses in it compliments of Victory Garden.  Supplies will be limited, but you can pre-order on Caviar up to 5 days in advance, which we encourage you to do, so that we can be sure to get you your roses!!  

Rules: You must order at least 2 pints.  One of those pints must be Rose Petal.  You can preorder up to 5 days in advance on Caviar.  We encourage you to do so, since supplies are limited.  If you pre-order you will be guaranteed a jar with the 3 roses.  Offer is good for 2/13 and 2/14 during our Caviar delivery window.  

Check out Ode à la Rose here.  

Check out our Caviar site here.