The Vermont Sail Freight Project

I am thrilled to announce that our order from the Vermont Sail Freight Project arrived today! Back in August, a gentleman by the name of Patrick Kiley sent me an email introducing the project with a sales sheet attached. The VSFP is a farmer-run distribution company that built a Thames-style barge to bring shelf stable goods from Maine, the Adirondacks, and the Champlain Valley down to the lower Hudson Valley. The vision is to connect farmers with markets in heavily populated areas by way of the Hudson River, just as it was used as a major trade route before. I really enjoyed reading about their Vision on their website, and hope you check it out as well. All of the products offered are hand-harvested and organically grown, with a few exceptions. I was immediately taken with the endeavor they had undergone to create a carbon-free distribution system that will connect farmers from the far corners of Vermont and New York with new customers like us, honoring the Hudson's history as a hub of commerce and community in the process.

This morning Patrick dropped off beautiful sacks of hand harvested flax seed, heirloom carrots, delicata squash, and sweet potatoes; in addition to some apple butters and herbal teas. The products are delivered in sacks stamped with “delivered by sail”, and feel so special. I am so proud of their efforts, and eager for the next voyage! The market platters and Dutchess sandwich these next few weeks will feature these prized veggies. Make sure you ask for the local flax on your yogurt as well!
If you have a moment, read the VSFP blog, as it is interesting to read about their illustrious maiden voyage!

Patrick Kiley arrives with the goods

Mellow Meadows Tea from Underwood Herbs

Apple Butter

Local Flax Seeds

Love this Delivered by Sail Sticker