Tahini Soft Serve at Seed and Mill in Chelsea Market

We are so excited to be part of an amazing shop at Chelsea Market that just opened today called Seed & Mill. The sesame store owned by three dynamic New York women sells tahini, halva, spices, and Victory Garden goat milk soft serve in plain and tahini flavors. Halva is a sesame confection from the Middle East made from tahini and sugar. It is crumbly, nutty, and heavenly. Most women are stereotyped to be chocolate lovers, and though I do love a good dark chocolate, my undoing is halva. From my time living in Beirut until now, it is the treat that I cannot and will not deny myself. Once, when I was devouring a bowl of it that had been baked and melted with lemon in an earthenware dish, my friend said "If you love it that much, it doesn't make you fat". In that moment I felt complete bliss, and I actually believed her. You can imagine how excited I was to hear that Seed & Mill was going to open. But I am even more excited now that I have seen it first hand, and have sampled their delicious product. Our soft serve is available there as well, which brings me much joy and pride. I hope you all go and check it out!