Summer Salad is Here!

Spring was a fleeting moment. I usually love its heavy nostalgia, rainy afternoons, and seemingly eternal months. However, this year it was a fleeting moment that seemed to have come and gone leaving me wondering how quickly Fall will arrive. March, what was the rush? Did April even happen? May, I didn't even realize you were over until now. Summer quickly has arrived, and so has our Summer Salad. This year's version involves thinly sliced heirloom beets, radishes, edible flowers, roasted Oregon hazelnuts, and fruits (right now we have cherries) over organic spinach and beet leaves. It comes with a little nob of fresh goat cheese stirred with black pepper, lavender, and olive oil, as well as a cherry dressing. We will try to keep it currant (pun intended), so expect variations, and go with the flow. XO, Sophia