Sopa Vitamina A

We had been a little bit slow on the Soup du Jours since starting up with soup again this fall. However, this past week we started with our Sopa Vitamina A, which translates pretty directly to “Vitamin A Soup”. It has a bunch of orange and red veggies that are rich in Vitamins A and C, including butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, red bell peppers, and tomatoes. We also add carrot tops and beet leaves, which are often thrown away, but are incredible sources of vitamins and nutrients. I personally love the flavor of bitter beet leaves. My sister was telling me the other day that the bitterness of greens has been/is being cultivated out of vegetables, due to the American preference for sweetness. This translates to less nutrients, as bitterness is a sign of nutrient density. I thought of how I have cravings for bitter sometimes, and it always when I am feeling like I haven't been eating enough vegetables and need to detox. Anyway, we can count on beet leaves for that extreme bitterness/powerhouse nutrition when all else tastes bland. By the way, we also include the carrot tops in our carrot top chermoula dressing in the Market Plate. They are also bitter and nutrient rich, and often thrown away. To the chermoula we add herbs to soften the bitterness. Back to the Sopa. . . Sopa Vitamina A can be characterized mainly for its beautiful orange hue, but also for its spiciness. We have been adding a little habanero pepper to each batch. There needs to be a whole other blog post about habanero, but I have seen it everywhere this Summer. So many people had begged me for spicy soup, so I let them have it. A spicy Sopa Vitamina A (hence the Spanish- its more picante than English!).