One of the most asked about products that we hear about from our customers is smoothies. I have never been a huge smoothie drinker, as I prefer eating more solid foods for snacks. However, I thought that since so many people are drinking them, maybe I should find out why, and give them a shot. I quickly got hooked. I love them for a quick and light meal or snack, and for the fun of adding a bunch of fun things to a blender and seeing what comes out. So, while we are preparing our S(m)oothie menu for launch later this summer, we are offering some weekly options for people to try. I call them “S(m)oothies” because the goal is to make them soothing! We will be adding floral waters, spices, and all natural therapeutic ingredients to our options. This week we have a Rose & Lychee S(m)oothie. It is blended with fresh raspberries, fresh lychees, rose water, and 100% all natural lychee juice. Enjoy and please give us feedback!