Is Goat Milk Lactose Free?

A lot of our customers ask us if goat milk is lactose free.  Not exactly.  We call goat milk “lactose friendly”, because while it does have lactose, the molecule in goat milk is significantly smaller, and much more easily digested than cow milk.  There is also less lactose in goat milk.  Even people who are not lactose intolerant will find goat milk overall more easily digested and lighter on the body.  Goat milk is the most similar milk to human milk, and has more short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids that are more easily absorbed by the body.  Goat milk has less curd than cows milk, so it is much more easily digested.  Less time in the colon means less discomfort. 
Goat Milk Lactose
Of course, lactose intolerance is a sort of spectrum, and we all lie on various parts of the spectrum.  In order to process the lactose in dairy products, our bodies use an enzyme called lactase.  Depending on ethnicity, age, and other factors, some people do not produce enough lactase to digest dairy products.  
I myself am not lactose intolerant, and opt for various dairies and non- dairy milk alternatives purely based on preference.  When it comes to ice cream and gelato, I love the lightness of goat milk as a base for flavor.  It has all of the benefits of a natural milk but is so much lighter on the body, and much more refreshing.  That being said, anyone who is scared of trying goats milk due to lactose intolerance should try a small amount if they feel comfortable doing so, before consuming a normal portion.  And please consult your physician if you have a milk protein allergy.