Is Cardamom in Everything at VG?

Recently, Becca has been making brownies and blondies galore. I have had some fun ideas lately for our VG Baked line-up, and Becca has been executing them with the most finesse. Today she made Midnight Brownies, a throwback to our "Midnight Gelato"with espresso, cardamom, and chocolate. The theme is what midnight feels like on the Bosphorous, after a delicious meal. She also made Kulfi blondies with honey, pistachios, and cardamom. Are you noticing the theme yet? I had to stop and wonder- why do I want to put cardamom in everything? Is it a spice that is just common in everything I like? Do I subconsciously only like things with it? Am I overusing it? I don't know why or if just yet, but I am going to go with it for the moment. I love the way cardamom's camphoric, refreshing bite at once balances richness (like chocolate), offsets sweetness, and also enhances the other flavors present. If you come in here and see cardamom in everything, now you know that it is because cardamom is having a moment here at Victory Garden. Or maybe it always has.