Goaty Milky Chocolate

Chocolate Victory has always been the signature chocolate of Victory Garden. With its double dose of Valrhona cocoa powder and Taza stoneground Mexican chocolate, it is rich and delicious in both texture and flavor. We have not done another basic chocolate flavor in a long time, because we always have had Victory around when we were not doing Chocolate Rosemary, Chocolate Mastic, or Chocolate Sea Salt. However, Askinosie Chocolate recently reached out to me with some samples of their Dark Milk Chocolate, which they make with goat milk. Not only is it a phenomenal chocolate, but it is also sourced directly from a farm in Davao, Philippines, where the farmers receive more than fair trade prices for their cacao beans. I love the fact that Askinosie is dedicated to fair trade and sustainable practices for sourcing their chocolate. As for the flavor of this dark milk chocolate- you will literally die. I come upstairs way more often now from doing my administrative duties to grab a sample here and a sample there of this amazing milky chocolate. I am normally a 99% bitter chocolate girl, but this goat dark milk chocolate has me changing my tune. We named it Goaty Milky Chocolate because, well, that is exactly what it is. And it sounds kind of cute too.