Fruits of Passion: February’s Sundae!

We have done a lot of caramel and chocolate heavy sundaes these past couple of months, so we decided to lighten things up for February. The inspiration for this month's sundae comes from a passionfruit semifreddo with grapefruit that I ate at Salumeria Rosi in the Upper East Side a few weeks ago. I was surprised by how much I loved the combination of tart passionfruit and bitter grapefruit. Both tart and bitter are usually matched with sweet, but together they are surprisingly delightful. I borrowed the combination and added some candied pistachio nuts and coconut flakes. If you are like me, and crave bright citrus acidity, you will love this sundae. Since February is most famous for Valentine's Day, we decided to call it Fruits of Passion. Because, more often than not, passion is more important than love.

You can order this sundae in any flavor that you would like, but it always comes in the large cup, and the toppings are exclusive to the sundae.