Dear West Village Women, Gelato Sweetened with Coconut Sugar

I spend a lot of time talking to customers and doing demos. I find it is the best way to get first hand feedback from customers about our product.  The number one thing that people ask me is how we sweeten our gelati.  Time and again people have asked us to make a gelato that is only sweetened with coconut sugar.  Finally, we listened.  We have a flavor that I named West Village Women in the cart right now that is solely sweetened with coconut sugar.  The coconut sugar gives it a molasses-like flavor, which is quite enough flavor in and of itself.  However, we highlighted it with a few additions: cinnamon, vanilla bean, tocos, ashwaganda, and reishi mushrooms.  The latter three are products that I have been learning about through social media and my visits to CAP Beauty on West 10th street.  Why not? 

Tocos: Rice bran solubles that are rich in Vitamins A & D.  Slightly sweet and creamy, they make a seamless addition to gelato. 
Ashwaganda: An adaptogen that helps keep your immune system functioning normally, and balances hormones and stress. 
Reishi Mushrooms: An adaptogen that helps your body combat stress and stay healthy.