Daisy Dirt Cups

I went to an all girls high school in Farmington, Connecticut called Miss Porters School. Our mascot, or symbol rather, was the daisy. It was also the name of the cafe on campus, where we would stuff our faces at 10 am, between our 2- bagel breakfasts and 4- plate lunches, and where we would go at 4 pm for a snack before our 6 pm dinner. The Daisy Cafe was known for their Daisy Dirt Cups, which was soft serve topped with choco crunchies and a gummy worm. In the spirit of September and going back to school, I made our special sundae this month the VG Dirt Cup. It is the same thing as the Daisy Dirt Cup, only the gummy worms are organic, just because we are in the West Village and people might expect that. I hope you come in and enjoy this cup of pure after school delight soon!