Chocolate Rosemary

Chocolate Rosemary is my favorite chocolate flavor that we do here at the shop. We only make it with rosemary from Keith's Farm in Westtown, NY. Even though I talk about herbs a lot in my blog, I can't quite explain why I love them so much. It has to do with how they enliven foods, and the idiosyncrasies that one herb will have over another, based upon where they were grown. I love many herbs that I buy at the farmers market, but I only buy rosemary from Keith's. The way that their rosemary interacts with chocolate is something purely magical. Today was the first rosemary they had had in a month or so, and when they called me last night to let me know, I will filled with pure joy. We will be featuring Chocolate Rosemary again soon, right after Smokey Spicy Chocolate.