Black Currant is Back!

Black Currant was our first ever fruit flavor at Victory Garden in 2011. It was only on tap for a hot second then, because it is highly labor intensive, and the fruits are quite fleeting. That first Summer went by in a flash, and BC never made it back on. However, it was often asked about after it was gone. Last year was not a great year for fruit, and there just weren't any black currants – or any that I saw at least. I had it as my main goal starting this Summer to get black currant back on the menu, and here it is. It takes us some time to wash these little berries, and then stew them down to reduce their tartness. And finally we blend them with milk before making the ice cream. It takes hours, but the deep purple hued frozen yogurt is worth it in the end! We hope you enjoy it, and maybe try it in a milk shake with some chocolate nibs or carob.