Beyonce Nights!

We are really excited about Tuesday Nights at Victory Garden! In January (and the first week in February), we featured Gayle Stacher, for Tarot Nights. In February, we are going to be hosting Beyonce Nights! Every Tuesday, between 6 – 9pm, if you dance along to the Beyonce (and Destiny's Child) we will be playing, you will earn a free topping on your soft serve. The dances have to be legitimate (10 seconds or more), and we really want to see you move. If you would like to enter our competition, we can film you doing your dance for us, which we will post on our Twitter/Instagram/Vine feeds. We will also be accepting videos posted on our feeds that were filmed outside of the shop, but for the purpose of the competition. At the end, the video with the most votes will win a MAJOR gift bag from us with all of our most popular products. We are so excited to do this!! We love Beyonce, and hope that everyone has fun with this when they come in. So, in summary, if you come in on a Tuesday night in February between 6-9pm and dance your little heart out for 10 seconds or more, you get a free topping on your soft serve. At the same time, we will be filming videos of Beyonce dancing in the shop, and accepting dances tagged on our Instagram/Vine/Twitter feeds with #BeyonceNights. The winner will be announced in early March and will win a Major gift basket!!!

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