Anise Hyssop Mojitos

For those of you who don't know me personally, let me tell you a few things that might help you get to know me better. I love shopping at farmers markets. I love cocktails. I love cocktails made with things I find at farmers markets. So now you know that I am a cocktail drinker, and the more herbacious or fresh fruit-forward a drink is, the happier I am. Which leads me to these Anise Hyssop Mojitos. When my family members want a mojito or caipirinha they just holler my name-they are my specialty. On Friday, when I was picking up some herbs for the shop, I saw that the Queen's County Farm stand had Anise Hyssop again. I was about to leave, when a fellow shopper grabbed some mint and said “Mojito Time”. I giggled, but then my eyes widened and I thought, “Hell yeah! Mojito time is right!”. I thought Anise Hyssop mojitos would be a fun variation, since I love the herbs minty, anise-y strong flavor. The girl working at the stand agreed. The resulting drink is a new favorite. They are delicious and just as refreshing as the original, but with a slight twist to keep things interesting.

For each mojito start a Boston shaker with 2 scant tablespoons of organic cane sugar and juice from 2 limes (I love acidic drinks). Stir these two things together well. Slice the limes and add to the glass*. Add 1.5 ounces of golden rum, a little bit of ice, and a few torn leaves of anise hyssop (or mint). Cover and shake well, and pour right into the glass you will be drinking from. Top with a splash of soda to ease it up. Garnish with a few more leaves. *I squeeze my limes with a handheld lime juicer. Then I cut them in half and add to the glass.