We make all of our ice creams and soft serve from fresh goat milk and yogurt that we source directly from local farms. These farms use sustainable farming practices and do not use prophylactic antibiotics or hormones. Goat milk has a delicious slightly sweet flavor, as well as a lot of nutritional benefits…

  • Goat milk is lower in fat than cow’s milk, but with all the nutrition!
  • Goat milk is rich in healthy antimicrobial fatty acids, which are burned by the body, rather than stored as is cow’s milk.
  • Goat milk is a great source of iron, calcium, protein and potassium.
  • Goat milk is lactose friendly, making it easy for people with lactose-intolerance to digest.
  • Goat milk is the most similar animal milk to that of humans and is more readily processed than cow’s milk.

The fresh goat milk used in Victory Garden NYC’s products is locally sourced from Side Hill Acres in Candor, New York. Their goats are raised on fresh hay and grass, without any prophylactic antibiotics or hormones. The end result is a frozen treat that reflects the taste of our beautiful landscape. Sophia Brittan is the founder and chef of Victory Garden NYC.

Goat Milk & Yogurt – Side Hill Acres, Candor, NY

Quark – Hawthorne Valley Farm, Ghent, NY

Stone-Ground Chocolate – Taza Chocolate, Somerville, MA

Honey – Tremblay Apiaries, Van Etten, NY

Honeycomb Candy – Liddabit Sweets, Brooklyn, NY

Halvah & Tahini – Sahadis, Brooklyn, NY

Mastic – mastihashop NY, New York, NY

Farm Fresh Produce – Regional Farms

Grains and Pulses – Cayuga Pure Organics, Ithaca, NY

Honey Almond Granola – Bread Alone, Catskills, NY

Heavenly Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Sweet Loren's, New York, NY

Gourmet Tea – Bellocq, Brooklyn, NY

Organic Coffee – Irving Farm, Millerton, NY

Whole Grain Bread – Orwashers Bakery, NYC

Vegan Fudge – Coop's Micro Creamery, Massachusetts

Goat Yogurt – Acorn Hill, Walker Valley, NY

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