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Victory Garden

Victory Garden


Why Gelato and not Ice Cream?

Due to FDA regulation we are not able to call our hard packed products ice cream, which is why we chose the name "gelato". We wanted a moniker that would be recognizable to the average consumer, without using the term frozen dessert. Once you try it you can come up with your own description for what you think it tastes like.

Is it gluten free?

Though our products are not certified gluten free, there is nothing containing gluten in them. We have a wide variety of baked goods available at the shop made with Cup 4 Cup gluten free flour as well.

Is it lactose free?

Goat milk has lactose, but as mentioned above, the molecule is smaller than that of cow's milk, making it lactose friendly. We have never heard of a customer with lactose intolerance having any issue with our product. That being said, every body is different, so if you have any concerns, come by for a sample first and see how you feel.

Does it taste different?

I think that this is a matter of personal opinion. There is some misconception floating around that goat milk tastes funky. Perhaps people think goats cheese and goats milk are the same thing? Goats are much cleaner animals than cows, and they also live on farms. No one ever seams to ask if cow's milk tastes "cowy" or "farmy". Cows also produce widely consumed cheeses, none of which are associated with ice cream. Goats milk is earthy in flavor, and a heavenly backdrop for ice cream. I always say that the texture is the most noticeable difference. You will see that our products are much lighter, more refreshing, and easily digested than that of cows.

What is the fat content and nutritional information?

Our gelatos have the nutritional information on the label. We do not have the soft serve nutritional information complete. We will in the future. We encourage our customers to consider the holistic benefits of consuming goats milk products as well, which you can see above.

Why the name Victory Garden?

During World War I and World War II, the government encouraged people to grow their own food, due to the rationing that was necessary at the time. It was considered a patriotic act, which supported the war effort on the home front. These gardens were called "victory gardens". When the local food movement picked up speed in the mid 2000s, locavores took up the phrase "Victory Garden" again as a term to describe the community gardens or home gardens that people were starting in the face of our national food crisis. People were taking back control of where their food was coming from, and what they were choosing to eat. I chose the name Victory Garden for three reasons. Firstly, I wanted the name to signify to people that we are a local shop. Our milk comes from upstate New York and we try to support local farms as much as possible. Secondly, we use a lot of floral essences in our ice creams. Orange blossom, lavender, and rose are often background notes for our flavors. I believe in the natural healing power of food, especially that which has herbs, flowers, and spices. Thirdly, my first name is actually Victoria. I love the strength of my name, and liked the connection with the store's name as well.

Is everything made with goats milk?

All of our soft serves are made only with goat milk. We keep a small pint of cow's milk upstairs for people to put in their coffee, but that is it.

Why goat milk?

The idea for Victory Garden was always that of a goat milk soft serve shop. Goat milk is holistically better for you than cow's milk. The molecule is smaller, so the fat and lactose are more easily digested. People who are lactose intolerant can enjoy goat milk without any issue. Goats were the first animals domesticated by humans, and we have been consuming their milk for centuries. It is also the most similar milk to human milk, which also shows its ease of digestion. Many people will also compare the size of goats to cows. Goats are almost the same size as humans, whereas cows are much bigger animals. Their milk would therefore be easier for us to process, and more relative to our needs. Our product was inspired by Anatolian dondurma, which was traditionally made with goats milk. We work with small family farms that do all of the milking on their own, and work with regional distribution routes to get the milk to the shop.